Why Tribal Gash?

Tribal 2020 Cancelled!

If you aren't already aware, then Tribal Clash UK (and others) has been cancelled in 2020, with the organisers (Tribal Events Ltd) refusing to provide any form of refund to ~3000 athletes. This means they have managed to spend ~£300,000-350,000 of our money without putting on an event. Andrew Barker (Founder and CEO of Tribal Clash) sent an email (see here) informing us of this decision. It was followed up with an Instagram video after many online questions and queries on this policy were posted on social channels. Anybody who wasn't supportive of their approach was quickly blocked by them, including many team captains. Given the fact they do not reply to emails, this has left a lot of people with no other option but to take further action to try and recoup the not insignificant entry fee of £660 (for Tribal UK, others maybe different).

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) provide clear guidance about offering refunds to those company affected by COVID-19. Most organisations have made offers of refunds to their customers, some at 100% but a lot of them have come to agreeements with their customers that is fair given the circumstances. A number of teams have publicly stated they would have accepted a 50% refund so that Tribal may survive in the future. Other organisers have deferred entries to the following year, leaving everybody with an experience to look forward to for the same price. This was offer was never put on the table and in fact it was explicitly stated it wouldn't be offered.

So what can you do now if you want a refund? There are some links below which will guide you to the different options available to you. Some are easier than others. If you have any success (or otherwise) please let us know via email [email protected]

Not so good news

Refunds are drying up....

The good folks at Competition Corner have done what they can and handed back cash to some competitors. They've done the right thing and helped as best they can. Unfortunately Tribal Clash are no longer returning their emails and they can't keep your hopes up any longer. If you haven't had your money back yet, the only way to proceed is by following one of the routes below.

Thank you Competition Corner for doing everything you could to help us.

If you do utilise one of the refund mechanisms below, please beaware while you may get your money back, it is unlikely to hurt Tribal Clash (at least in the short term) but it will very likely impact Competition Corner. I urge you to report Tribal Clash and email them continually about refunds, they simply can not continue to operate in this way!

Getting a refund

So what can you do now if you want a refund?

See note above about contacting Competition Corner


Doesn't matter how you paid, everyone needs to do this.....

Please register a complaint to the government about unfair business practices - you MUST do this here.

Tribal used Competition Corner for online entries, their policies is to refund customers. Cometition Corner are even refunding their fees, so organisers aren't out of pocket. You can complain to Competition Corner that their organisers aren't following their own guidelines by emailing them at [email protected]

Change of Terms

Sneaky change to the terms & conditions

You can see how they've changed their terms and conditions, which isn't illegal but good business practice is to inform customers when you do this. The new terms aren't applicable to those who purchased prior to the change unless you agreed to it.

July 2019 version

Current version

Companies must comply with contract law when renewing their terms and conditions. This is generally changed by mutual consent of both parties unless change made is mandated by law or regulation. As a matter of best practice, the following will assist:

  • Notify customers in a timely manner and in accordance with the notice requirements set out in the original terms and conditions;
  • Conspicuously set out where commercial, legal or regulatory required amendments have been made and provide an explanation if it is not self-explanatory;
  • Give ample notice for customer to revert with clarification, rejection or acceptance of amendment;
  • Set out clear position on options available to the customer in the event the change is not acceptable.
  • Maintain records of all changes to both online and written terms and conditions, including when they were entered into in order to prove what terms and conditions were in effect at a particular time.

From https://www.lawyer-monthly.com/2017/02/why-do-companies-continuously-update-their-terms-conditions


Sent to Teams Thursday 18th June 2020

Hello Tribal Clash athletes, we hope everyone is healthy both in body and mind in this extremely challenging environment. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global health crisis that has crushed everyone's plans for 2020. Neither Tribal Clash Portugal, USA or UK have been able to go ahead this year at scheduled dates because of government mandated lockdowns, bans on live events and international travel. Both you the athletes and we the organising team have all been deprived of the experience that we LOVE. We all feel the lack of Tribal Clash in our lives acutely and it makes us sad. We have loved seeing your Tribal Clash memories posted on social media, and super high fives to all of you who took part in our Tribal Smash home workout with DJ Billy!

We are acutely aware that we owe 3000 athletes an experience that we have been prevented from delivering. We wanted to let you know that we are working hard to figure out a way forward in this extremely dynamic, fast-changing and challenging environment. We have a solution, we are still working on the details and we will update you in the coming days.

We are three months into lockdown, and the coronavirus in Europe has not changed. Although countries are starting to release restrictions slowly, social distancing orders are still very much in place. In the UK gatherings are still limited to six people outdoors with the 2-metre rule in place. In Portugal sports activities on beaches are limited to max 2 people. THERE IS NO PLAN YET TO ALLOW LIVE EVENTS TO TAKE PLACE in either UK or Portugal. We hear that Portugal MIGHT start permitting events and public gatherings from October, but this is a tentative date. There is no such indication in the UK yet.

In the USA, several large established events that postponed to October have now been cancelled as per state orders, including Coachella Festival. There is a very real and present fear of a second wave of Covid-19 in the autumn leading to either an extension or a return to lockdown measures. There is a high possibility that Coachella, Ultra Music Festival and Stagecoach Festival in the USA will not take place in 2021, if a coronavirus vaccine is required before live events are allowed to go ahead.

Australia has closed its borders to international travel until 2021. UK Government is still advising against all but essential travel, and ordering 14-day self-isolation period on return for those who return to the UK. Travelling against Foreign Office advice means it would be almost impossible to obtain travel insurance. These measures may stay in place indefinitely, in particular if Europe is hit by a second wave of Covid-19 cases in the winter.

Unfortunately it is not possible to set any future event dates with this level of uncertainty. In short, we still have no idea when we are next permitted to stage live events on a beach in Europe. One thing is certain: the safety of our athletes and staff is our highest priority. Whereas some of you might be impatient about rescheduling, our view is that it would not be fair to try to push ahead with a large scale live event when so many are still shielding, and might still be shielding or isolating for a good while.

Let us also again clarify refunds, this is a industry-wide issue and we have feet in both camps as a business and personally through bookings made but not refunded so we understand the frustration. As you are aware, Tribal Clash was not cancelled by us, but we were prevented from delivering our scheduled events because of government mandated lockdowns and travel bans. We have 450 teams affected in Europe alone. There are only two solutions that are FAIR AND EQUITABLE for everyone: everyone gets a refund, or no-one gets a refund as per the Force Majeure provisions in our booking T&Cs. Simple maths render full scale blanket refunds impossible. Unfortunately it is not fair to all the other teams affected to issue refunds per individual requests, we wish we could but our stance is that everyone should be treated the same. Each Tribal Clash competition is a year-round production, and involves full time staff, year-round overheads from logistics to kit storage to insurance policies, and your entry fees are invested into the production - a production that is now not permitted to go ahead. In other words, an epic mess. We urge everyone to try claim through your travel insurance as we are aware of teams that have successfully done this.

So, where does this leave us? In short, we do not know if and when we are able to stage Tribal Clash competitions in Europe again, in particular if we are hit by a second wave of COVID-19 in the autumn and winter. What we do know is that there are so many of you who need the Tribal Clash experience you booked and were looking forward to. This we are going to try to deliver for you, and we have been working hard to come up with a solution. We'll update you in the coming days on Tribal Clash 2020. If you have ordered customised team tops for Tribal Clash Portugal, these will be posted to you, we'll contact you to confirm any changes. In the meantime, stay safe and well.

Fit regards Tribal Clash HQ